Oh the Irony

Just thought I’d share this big WHOOPs, if not for anything else then to document my guilt.

A week after excitedly planning another contributors panel, this time for AAAS Fellows in DC, June 4 (where it all started,) I got an email from my daughter’s teacher:

“…and don’t forget, 6th grade celebration of learning is June 4, 6PM!”

Oy. It’s not like I wasn’t aware, (although not of the date – I hadn’t read my Thursday Bulletin for months), four weeks ahead of the event my daughter had prepared her speech, practiced the piano piece she’d like to play and polished up her math fair project (an end table with an embedded Fibonacci spiral.) She even wanted to get new pants just for the event (I nixed that one.)

Well – hopefully technology will pull me out of this one….

Either that or twenty years from now I’ll still be hearing about it!

Postscript: Much to the relief of our daughter the immediate technology (recording on my husband’s phone) didn’t work due to powerful storms that day in DC. Thankfully a friend took a video. Although many suggested this story would make a great opener for the AAAS panel, I didn’t mention it, knowing that everyone must have at least one story like this.


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